3 Outdoor Crafts You Can Enjoy With Your Family

If you enjoy crafting, then what better way to think of new ways to spend time together as a family than crafting together! So if its the weekend and the sun is shining, it’s time to take everyone outside for some crafting fun. Here are a few ideas of what you could craft and enjoy quality time with your loved ones at the same time!

Leaf Stamps

No no, we’re not talking about raking leaves, as that sounds more like a choir than a fun craft to do with the kids. Instead, this project is about using various leaves of different shapes and sizes as stamps. The items needed for this activity includes: paper towels, colored paper, several colors of craft paint and some Styrofoam plates. You take a piece of paper towel in fourths and place it on the plate. Next pour paint into its center and make a sort of stamp pad. Now simply repeat this step with different colors to create a palette. Now use the leaves you gathered to dip them into the various colors of paint, and then use them on a piece of paper to create different designs. You can use your imagination here and get really cool results.

Pine Cones and Bird Feeders

Another cool thing you could do as a family craft is a bird feeder out of pine cones. For this you’ll obviously need pine cones, and also the following: a newspaper, peanut butter, bird seed, a plate, twine and a craft stick (made of wood) one for each member of the family.

Now cut the twine 3 feet in length and tie it on top of a pine cone. Use peanut butter on the twine and the pine cone, and make sure you cover them well. Take the plate and pour bird seed into it, and now simply take the peanut butter covered pine cone and roll it in the seed. Finally, put the cones away on a piece of newspaper until you are ready with all your pine cones. As an extra step you can then put them in the freezer for an hour to better bind the peanut butter and seeds together. Then simply hang them in trees and wait 🙂

Your Pet Rock

This is a very fun activity that you’re going to thoroughly enjoy. Go to your backyard and look for all sorts of rocks you can find, not too big though, (golf ball size is perfect). The ideal rocks will be the ones you can easily paint on. You will require these crafting supplies: paint, ribbons, feathers, glitter, crafting foam, scissors, glue, paint brushes, buttons, and paper towels.

Once you’ve gathered your rocks, make sure you clean them up so they are not covered in dust or dirt. When they are finally clean and dry, you will use them to create the heads, bodies, feet etc for your ‘pets’. First create the face, paint some cute eyes, big nose, add some feathers – generally use your imagination. Then glue all the pieces together and see how everyone’s pet looks like. This will help kids develop their creativity and imagination, while having great fun with the parents at the same time!


So what are you waiting for, it’s a beautiful day outside, go have some fun!

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